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Communication within CSP Yukon

Yukon Ski Patrol

All forms of communication within the Canadian Ski Patrol must be respectful. Every patroller is ...

Marsh Lake Loppet

Nordic Nordic Events

Date and time   Maps and contact info Copies of the maps and phone numbers are attached as wel...

Accident response and management

Alpine Alpine manual

Reporting accidents All accidents must be reported by radio to the appropriate and closest and m...

Alpine Responsibility Code

Alpine Alpine manual

Patrollers must know and follow the Alpine responsibility code. If you witness any behavior that ...

How to help CSP Yukon

Yukon Ski Patrol

The Canadian Ski Patrol is a volunteer organization relying on the incredible help of thousands o...

CSP Yukon Patrol Commitment

Yukon Ski Patrol

We are a volunteer organization and invest a lot of time in training. It is hard for our instruct...

Alpine shift system

Alpine Alpine manual

It is mandatory to sign up ahead of time through the Yukon Ski Patrol Calendar to count your patr...

Equipment loan: backpack and jackets

Alpine Alpine manual

Jackets Backpacks There are 3 CSP loaner backpacks at Sima. The idea has always been to have th...

Alpine first aid pack and contents

Alpine Alpine manual

What type of first aid pack is appropriate The recommended backpack for Alpine patrol is the Nat...

Cross Country Responsibility Code

Nordic Nordic Manual

Patrollers must know and follow the cross country responsiblity code. If you witness any behaviou...

Accident response and management

Alpine Alpine manual

Reporting accidents There are multiple ways an incident can be reported. The most common one is...

Getting ready for a shift

Nordic Nordic Manual

When you patrol at Mount McIntyre, please ensure that you Get a day pass or make sure you have ...

Nordic locker contents

Nordic Nordic Manual

Cold Weather Closure

Alpine Alpine manual

The cutoff temperature for not opening is -25C at the top of the hill. You can consult that tempe...

Mt MacIntyre priority hours


The priority hours at Mount MacIntyre are based on high attendance which is when there is the hig...

Need to know before joining CSP

Yukon Ski Patrol New Patrollers

Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Canadian Ski Patrol, Yukon Zone! Being a patro...

Previous first aid training

Yukon Ski Patrol Training

CPR and AED CPR and AED protocols are some of the most often updated parts of first aid.  For th...

Training attendance

Yukon Ski Patrol Training

It is strongly recommended to attend all training session held by Yukon Zone. This does ensure th...


Alpine Alpine manual

Lift operator Lift operators are responsible for the safe and orderly operation of the chair lif...

Rookie attendance when there is no on-snow instructor


Rookies can sign up for shifts on the calendar and these shifts will be counted towards the commi...