How to help CSP Yukon

The Canadian Ski Patrol is a volunteer organization relying on the incredible help of thousands of people across the country. The first aspect of it is being a great patroller at the ski areas and during the summer months. Some people may want to make the experience better for everyone as well as benefit from the opportunities to develop new skills through deeper involvement with CSP. Here are various opportunities to help CSP Yukon Zone be run smoothly this year and for the years to come. 

There is no project too big or too small. If you have an idea improving CSP Yukon, contact president@yukonskipatrol to make make it a reality. 


Grant master

As you already know, CSP is a not-for-profit organization and we strive to maintain registration fees low. However, we still incur multiple expenses throughout the year to purchase and maintain equipment, trailer and provide training opportunities. In order to do so, we rely in part on external funding through various grants available to Yukon organizations. 

  • Write grant applications
  • Follow up with thank you letters
  • Document current and future opportunities

Patrol Leader (alpine or nordic)

The Patrol Leader (PL) is a rewarding role in the CSP. They are the bridge between patrollers, the CSP executive, and the ski area.

Some of the tasks:

  • Ensure the commitments made by CSP are adequately covered. In other words, they keep an eye on the roster and make sure there will be sufficient patrol coverage for each event.
  • Collaborate with the Paid Patrol Leader to update the calendar and events.
  • Communicate any change in procedures from the ski area. 
  • Be the reference person regarding the patrol operations at the ski area. If a patroller has a question, they will direct it to the patrol leader. 
  • Coordinate with the On-Snow instructors to ensure every patroller is On-Snow certified.
  • Establish and maintain positive relations with ski area management (Sima or Mount McIntyre). Escalate any concerns to the president.
  • Produce an annual report to be presented at the CSP AGM.

On-snow training coordinator




Recruitment and retention


Safety officer


Summer event coordinator


Training officer




Other roles

Documentation maker

CSP Yukon has a wealth of knowledge which is mostly in people's head. As a documentation maker, you are able to notice what is unclear to new patrollers and put it into written words in this documentation management platform.

Equipment manager



We all came to CSP without knowing much about the organization. Along the way, other patrollers have helped us gain a better understanding and develop our skills. As a mentor, your name will be published to other patrollers in order to provide coaching and lead by example. New patrollers will be able to ask you for advice and shadow as you patrol.

Social butterfly

Do you like organizing social events and get people together? This role may be for you. It involves throwing together a few social events during the year such as Jam nights, board games, meetups, etc. to foster relationships between patrol members.

Social media fan

Social media is here to stay. In this role, you will engage with the public by sharing some pictures and stories of patrollers in action, mostly on Facebook.