Alpine first aid pack and contents

What type of first aid pack is appropriate

The national backpack may not suit everyone's needs or budgets. If you require a pack for your first aid gear, Yukon Zone has a limited number of packs which can be purchased for $35.00 each. Other options are available should you chose so as long as it meets the following guidelines:

  • The backpack must be clean looking;
  • Black or red in colour;
  • Must have a visible 6"x6" white cross on the back. Heat transferable crosses are available from Yukon Apparel (404B Ogilvie Street, Whitehorse);
  • Have separate compartments for first aid supplies so they don't get soiled by other items carried.

Some patrollers prefer to carry a fanny pack. This waist pack doesn't require the white cross as long as your first-aid vest/jacket has a visible cross while you were your kit.

What must be in your pack

A standard kit should contain at least the articles listed below:

  • 8 - triangular bandages (with safety pins)
  • 5 - 4x4 dressings
  • 3 - 3x3 dressings
  • 1 - gauze roll
  • 4 - Wooden depressors
  • 3 - Ziplock bags
  • 4- pairs of gloves
  • 1 - Pocket face mask
  • 1 - roll of one cm adhesive tape
  • 6+ - adhesive bandages (various sizes)
  • One pair of scissors (not pointed) or penknife

  • One pencil (not a ball-point pen)

  • Patient assessment sheets

  • 1 - non-metallic whistle
  • 1 - carabiner and webbing long enough to create a harness¬†

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By now, you know what equipment is required in your first aid pack. Below is a list of additional and highly recommended items:

  • Full set of OPA (one of the key life-saving piece of equipment)

  • Half blanket*

  • Headlamp, especially for November to February

  • Flagging Tape

  • Lighter

  • Multi-tool

  • One SAM Splint

  • Sunscreen

* Please ask the patrol leader before grabbing a blanket and cutting it in half.

Replenishing equipment

Any supplies you may have used while on-duty may be restocked from the patrol supplies in the patrol room. Do not use the supplies to build initially stock your first aid pack.

If you need to get supplies, Medicine Chest on Lambert t offers a 10% discount if you mention you are with Canadian Ski Patrol. You must mention the discount before scanning the items. If you mention the discount too late, they will still honor it but have to cancel the order and rescan everything.