Alpine shift system

It is mandatory to sign up ahead of time through the Yukon Ski Patrol Calendar to count your patrol day toward your commitment. Signups should be done as soon as possible and always at least 3 days prior to the shift. If you are experiencing login issues, please let Tim L. know so we can fix the situation.

Signups will be used to issue Season Passes as they are a good indicator of a patroller's willingness to commit toward their 10 days.

Each shift is split into categories to better visualize the daily roster. Those categories are Red Jacket (fully certified), Rookies (first aid certified but requiring additional on-snow training), Instructor and Junior Patrol.

Each shift will have a maximum number of patrollers defined in the calendar event. Weekdays will count but have much less available spots. If a shift category doesn't show up, it means there are enough patrollers in that category.

Your shifts should be spread throughout the season. To keep things simple, you should be booking

  • 5 shifts between the start of the season and mid-February
  • 5 shifts between mid-February and the end of the season
  • Special exceptions are possible because of medical reasons or family commitments. Please get in touch with the Alpine Patrol Leader.

If you can't make it to a shift, it is your sole responsibility to find someone to cover for you.

In the unfortunate event where the hill is closed on a day you signed up for, that day will still count towards your commitment.