Previous first aid training


CPR and AED protocols are some of the most often updated parts of first aid.  For this reason, we believe it is best to get refreshed often and that there is never enough practice. These are life-saving skills which you may need in the most stressful situations. CSP Yukon Zone still recognizes previous official CPR and AED training from other first-aid organizations as long as they have been obtained in the same year as your registration.

Medical professionals

It can't be argued that medical professionals get to provide first aid in a wide variety of situations. If at least 5 medical professionals get together, our volunteer instructors will consider providing a condensed version of the CSP first aid training. This version focuses on Ski Patrol specific protocols to make sure everyone is on the same page. There will also be an exam to confirm your knowledge.

Returning patrollers

Recertification is required every year to keep your member status. The recertification is usually held over a weekend to

  • Review the changes from the previous year
  • Complete the first aid skills checklists
  • Write the first aid exam
  • Complete diagnostics exam

Another session of a few hours is held to refresh the CPR, AED, and oxygen administration skills. If a returning patroller cannot make it to some of the sessions, they may join new patrollers in their training or catch up during the mop session.