Rookie attendance when there is no on-snow instructor

Rookies can sign up for shifts on the calendar and these shifts will be counted towards the commitment. This is regardless of if an on-snow instructor is present or not. However, the absence of an instructor means there will not be any official on-snow training (checking skills on the list). You can still practice the skills learned in the previous sessions and also ask for feedback from experienced patrollers.

In order to get the best integration and learning, we ask new patrollers to shadow (accompany) a returning patroller until they are on-snow certified (allowed to wear the official uniform). If for a reason or another, you are not with a returning patroller and there is an injury, you can be the first one on-scene and a returning patroller will join you as soon as possible.

Even as a new patroller, if you are the first one on-scene, you are the "person in charge" of the incident until you chose to delegate to someone else.