Accessing the NDS

The National Database System is located at

First time user

The President will need to have your registration information entered in the NDS before you can request access to the NDS. It is done at the latest on December 15th of every year. If you have been provided a CSP ID, your information has been entered in the NDS.

Head over to the Setting up your CSP ID number and password page and fill in the form with your Last Name, City and Date of Birth. A confirmation will be sent to you by email.

Returning user

To access the NDS, you will need to enter your CSP ID including the leading 0. Yukon Zone CSP ID all start by "07070" followed by 2 digits for your registration number and the last 2 digits are your registration year. If you have forgotten your password, you can use theĀ  Forgot your password link.

If there's a problem accessing the NDS

The president has access to reset a patroller's password on their behalf. Please contact if you couldn't get your first access to the NDS or if the password reset feature is defective.